Friday, January 08, 2010


Well I can't believe it's already January 2010 and that I've not been reporting on the miniature front during the last few months!
I have made a little more progress though ....I've just about got the kitchen sorted and I've managed to get the staircase installed and the spindles in place! That was not a job I was looking forward to at all but anyway it seems to look ok.


The understairs cupboard is now in situ complete with door opening into the hall. I've put panelling down the side of the stairs which is what houses of this type would have had. 

I need to work on the understairs pantry which opens into the kitchen.   It's already been 'whitewashed'. I just need to get my shelves up in there. I think I will 'kit bash' the sink unit as it doesn't look quite right to me....

 The dining room is also decorated, The fireplace has been stained in light oak and I've tiled the hearth ready so it's all ready to be glued in. I'm thinking of putting a delft rack up in there not sure yet. The skirting board needs to go in yet .... So you see I have been busy - just not blogging!

I've also made a list of jobs to be done still and working on a plan of action! Certain things have to be done before other things can be started eg. some downstairs lighting needs to be installed before I can lay the upstairs flooring and the landing flooring needs to be put down before I can stick down the landing banister rail....lots of planning ahead!