Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Bathroom shelf and accessories

Here is the 'glass' bathroom shelf, accessorised and now in situ. 

I looked all over for suitably small wrought iron shelf brackets and ended up using these 1/24th ones - in fact I'm not entirely sure they are shelf brackets or if they're ones really intended for hanging baskets but they seem to have done the job!

Again I've been busy searching out, printing and gluing product labels onto various shaped bottles and beads...

And even an interdental tool became....a toothpaste tube!

Necessary cleaning items...

I think this room is about complete now unless of course I find something else that just might have to be included...

Monday, May 12, 2014

Had the old photos out again....

I've scanned a few more black and white family photos from my childhood. I've spent a happy few hours going through these photos of my family and resizing them to include in here...
The lovely frames on top of the tv and the radio and the clock on the sideboard are from Halls Miniature Clocks 
They sell some beautiful items and the chap who makes them is lovely to talk to and so clever at what he does. I will certainly be going back for more unfortunately for my bank account!

Pudsey Fair

I went to Pudsey Fair near Leeds a few weeks ago and didn't intend buying much as I still have things which I bought the last time which I haven't done anything with yet, but you know how it is - there's always something you see....!
I have a 'running' list which I'm always adding to and loosely refer to it when I'm at a fair so I looked out for the items on there and added a few more along the you do.
Among all the other things I talked myself into getting, I was glad to be able to buy the lovely book from Dee Daw Designs chronicling the build of the Featherstone Hall Hotel Dollshouse  This dollshouse was featured as a series in the Dollshouse and Miniature Scene Magazine and now fully built, tours various dollshouse fairs throughout the uk. With lots of great, big photos showing how this beautiful property was built and information about all the tiny detailed accessories and dolls which bring it to life, I think it will prove to be quite a good resource book to add to my ever growing library - a great buy!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

A few new additions to the nursery

I didn't get around to sharing what I bought at Pudsey Fair a couple of weeks ago, a few of which were for the nursery.
I'm at the stage of adding the little details with this room now and just couldn't resist this tiny hand knitted dress from 

I've put it on a hanger so that I can hook it onto the drawer handle as it's too pretty not to have it out on display. It's such exquisite work, just look at the tiny smocking detail and the pattern around the hemline!
I'm so pleased with it..
I also bought a cute little knitted bunny and a covered hot water bottle which encouraged me to get the cot dressed. How lovely are they...? 

I've painted a chair to put in here too...on here is a beautiful knitted blanket, another 'buy' from Pudsey and the tiny sleeping bag is from

The little dressed teddy is made of resin and quite detailed.

So this is the progress so far in here..
I've just finished painting the little Phoenix fire today and now I need to work out how I'm going to wire up the table lamp on the chest of drawers...I just didn't think about the extra lights like this and  forgot to do that during the build! Because the house is 3d this might prove difficult to do....