Friday, November 08, 2013

Bathroom Suite now installed!

The bathroom suite arrived this week and after thinking I would never find one suitable for the era, I must say that I'm really pleased with it...!
I will 'tweak' it here and there eg paint the loo seat black (which will be more in keeping with the 1950s) and maybe think about changing the taps eventually but overall I'm happy with how it looks.....

It fits in perfectly size wise ..

I love the shape of the basin - so different to the usual dollshouse basins out there..
Lovely shaping to the bath

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Bathroom floor and walls complete!

I've used Richard Stacey black and white vinyl tiles for the floor. They were a dream to lay, they're so accurately cut and it was just a matter of using a tiny amount of pva glue....

As with the walls I made templates of the floor and  then stuck the tiles onto that. This will enable me to slide the whole floor out if ever I need to replace the lighting in the kitchen below.....I've never had to do this in a house yet but you can bet your bottom dollar, the one time I don't make a floor removable something would go wrong! Here are some photos of the finished floor and walls... 

This is just how I remember our bathroom looking when I was a little girl growing up in the 1950s

 Just waiting for the new bathroom suite to arrive now!

More tiling progress

After a little wait for more supplies to arrive I've continued on with the tiling...(I've had a busy week!)
I've now got all the tiles stuck onto the templates and done a 'dry run' of  putting them into position in the house.Here is what they look like in situ... Before they can be finally stuck in, I need the flooring down.

There were a couple of areas where the tiles needed trimming back a little and apart from one cracked tile I managed to do that without too much bother. I've left the cracked tile as trying to faff about replacing it would probably have resulted in more mess. I figured that in a house this age there would have been the odd cracked tile, so for the sake of realism and ease it's staying!
At the bottom of the walls I've used some 1/24th scale skirting board which I've painted black and scored to look like edging tiles...