Sunday, November 03, 2013

More tiling progress

After a little wait for more supplies to arrive I've continued on with the tiling...(I've had a busy week!)
I've now got all the tiles stuck onto the templates and done a 'dry run' of  putting them into position in the house.Here is what they look like in situ... Before they can be finally stuck in, I need the flooring down.

There were a couple of areas where the tiles needed trimming back a little and apart from one cracked tile I managed to do that without too much bother. I've left the cracked tile as trying to faff about replacing it would probably have resulted in more mess. I figured that in a house this age there would have been the odd cracked tile, so for the sake of realism and ease it's staying!
At the bottom of the walls I've used some 1/24th scale skirting board which I've painted black and scored to look like edging tiles...