Monday, August 31, 2015

Window treatments!

I've begun getting to grips with the curtains for all the windows in this house. There are lots so  there has been plenty to have a go at!! Eight in total and that's not counting the french door in the dining room...
I've already shared the kitchen curtains but they're worth showing again.

The front bay window is a very large one with a good sized window sill for displaying things on. I made a wooden pelmet for it and stained it to match the rest of the woodwork in the room. The material I've used is very similar to the curtains I remember us having.

 Trying different things to display and decided on the one below with family photos reduced to miniature size.

These are the nursery curtains

Again a wooden pelmet, this time painted.

The landing window with light shining through the curtains

I need to  make the pelmet for these yet

Nearly all the curtains are prints of some kind. You will notice that nothing much matches up with each other in the rooms and this was how it was in those days - if the curtains fit the window that was good! It was a pair of curtains and that was that! If they did happen to go with the overall colour scheme it was more a matter of good luck than good judgement....
I will update this page when I've got the other curtains finished - only the bathroom, parents bedroom, dining room and childrens room to go!

The dining room

This room has been abit of a challenge to me somehow, I'm not exactly sure why.....

 Maybe it's because when we were growing up we didn't have a separate dining room - our big dining table was in our large sitting room in a huge bay window area. As children we used it mainly for colouring and playing games on. I can't remember ever using it for eating on at all (but we must have done on occasion I suppose) Mostly our meals were had in the kitchen which was a good size.
It's been rather confusing as to how to get this room right.

The dining table and chairs and bureau look similar to the ones that my Grandma gave to my parents. We had a few 'hand me downs' pieces of furniture as did many in the 50s and 60s. The overall look of homes in those days was a 'mish mash' of many styles and eras! But it was home...

I have two Jane Harrop fireside chairs to make up which will be positioned near the fireplace (I just hope they will fit in!)

I'm also toying with the idea of fitting a delft rack around the room...more to follow!

Monday, January 19, 2015

The children's room

It's taken me awhile to get around to this room but once I got started it seemed to come together quite well. As I've mentioned throughout the blog I have been trying to fashion this house on my childhood in the late fifties and early sixties. My brother and I had twin divan beds with wooden headboards and try as I might I didn't seem able to find anything like that in 1:12th scale. My first thought was to make them from scratch but after seeing a couple of cheap little beds at a fair I decided altering these would be the easiest way to go.
This is the one I found..

So I then had to begin the task of taking it all apart and removing the foot board and getting it back together!


By taking off the foot board and staining the headboard in a 'teaky' colour this gave me something as near to the ones we had. Next some bedding....


Candlewick bedspreads were the next stumbling block. I've not been able to find anything to replicate this in miniature apart from some cotton fabric with a candlewick type pattern on it. And it seems to have done the job.....(I couldn't find candy striped sheets either!) I just need to make some eiderdowns now.

The chair between the two divans is one made up from a Jane Harrop kit. I didn't want anything too big or too fancy and this has done the job nicely I think. A chair like this was our bedside table when we were little!
No bedside lights in those days! Well not until we were much older....

The chest of drawers is a barewood one which I've stained and waxed.

The wardrobe is one I've had for awhile and seems to fit in here well. 

I bought the little book shelf from Pudsey Fair. I think it's home made as I haven't seen another one like it and it's just the job for displaying the books and games.

I couldn't resist buying this llittle dress from a fair - so cute!

So that's my progress so far on this little room. There are one or two odds and ends to do. The fireplace needs to be glued in place and I need to find a little rug to put between the beds....


Sunday, November 02, 2014

A new cooker for the kitchen

I've been looking for a suitable cooker for this kitchen for awhile. I seem to remember ours in the fifties was more modern than the very old fashioned gas cookers that are available in miniature. With this in mind I opted for one from Elf Miniatures rather than the Phoenix white metal one.

This one is the nearest I could get in similarity to the one we had at home.
I think it looks ok back in the corner there.

I've added a few bits to the kitchen cabinet too.

So this next photo is how the kitchen is looking up to now.

Just the fourth wall to finish off now and a few more accessories.

Making up some kits.

To ease myself back into mini-ing again after the summer I made up a few kits that I'd bought ages ago - some from Jane Harrop, some Phoenix white metal ones and one from Elf Miniatures. The white metals ones are always abit of a headache for me as the pieces are so very tiny - however I've managed them and I'm pleased with them.

First I put together this little chair., it needs painting yet and will go in the childrens' room - a chair was my only bedside table when my brother and I were growing up so this will do the job nicely.

Next I made up a tiny stool and box to go in the kitchen. Jane's kits are lovely to do. You do need a gluing jig though to keep the parts properly aligned and square but she has some great, authentic little things.

 I thought a cardboard box would come in handy for under the sink...

And onto the Phoenix kits.....

The Ascot water heater looked difficult and that's why I've put it off for ages - all those tiny pieces! I couldn't even find it at first, that's how long it's been. Anyway it's turned out ok, though unfortunately I didn't have much space left when I came to add it to the kitchen - it's a little too near the curtains for my liking but I'm thinking that health and safety weren't as strict then as they are now!

Ever since I saw the Phoeonix coke stove/back boiler made up I knew I would like it in this house as it's identical to the one we had at home.

 I've painted it the same colour as ours was and put in a red bulb and left the ash grate door slightly open. I have memories of our cat Dinky snuggling up to sleep against it, she used to get so close that her tail singed!

The Delph cupboard I made up is amazing. It has glazed, sliding doors and a sloping front which were quite in vogue at this time. I struggled abit with it, gluing it together back to front at first (don't ask me how) but my hubby noticed it - I hate that - but I'm glad he pointed it out before I got any further on in the building of it...

I painted it blue (nothing matched in our house) and filled it with crockery.

Shelf lining. We always had shelf linings.

I love the way the doors slide and the front of the cupboard slopes.

So that's it for the kits at the moment. I have some easy chairs to do for the dining room but they'll have to wait as I need some suitable material to cover them. 

Electrifying continued.....

The hallway table lamp was next in line to be electrified...again this was an afterthought and for a long time it has been stood looking pretty but unlit!

This time I routed the wire along behind the skirting board and again addded a little socket and plug.
 Once I had the wire through to the pantry, heading in the right direction for the back of the property, I drilled a hole down through a corner in the pantry floor where it wouldn't be seen underneath the tiles.

This took the wire underneath the house where I covered it with sticky back carpet to protect it and which also helps when I need to move the house around with it being 3 dimensional.
So now I have a lovely lit lamp in the hallway.

Whilst I was in the hallway I added the stringer to the side of the stairs and a few  'oak' beams.

I think the hallway is just about finished now (famous last words)

A view from the stairs through to the front room.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


I thought it was time I updated what I've been up to recently (not before time I hear you say....) Now that the gardening has slowed down and Autumn is here the miniature bug has got me again and I've been doing a few of those jobs I've been putting off.....
As I said earlier in the blog wiring this house is quite a challenge as it's a 3d property. I was fine doing the ceiling lights but it was the extra ones that I didn't think of like the nursery lamp, the standard lamp and fire in the living room and the table lamp in the hallway...

First I had to work out a route to take the wires to the back. In the case of the living room I had to drill down through the floor in the corner behind the tv and take the wire down and along a groove underneath the house. Next another hole was drilled up through and onto the side 'pathway' - this involved taking up 'slabs' I had already laid - much to my annoyance -  Then I stuck down a copper tape run and connected the wires to that. The 'slabs' were relaid - albeit it abit bumpy here and there - but I can live with that.

 At least we now have a working fire and lamp.....

In the nursery it was just as tricky! The wire here needed routing to the back of the house too (at this stage I was really wishing I'd thought ahead more) so I spent quite some time looking and thinking, trying to puzzle out which would be the best solution and one which would make the least mess! Gradually I came up with the idea of getting the wire up into the 'attic space' above...but how?
 The picture below shows the location of the said lamp. This room is at the front of the house......

Firstly I removed the piece of skirting board next to the door architrave - thankfully it was only wedged in as it was a tight fit - then I drilled a small hole through to the landing and took the wire up the side of the bedroom door and on up to the ceiling where I made a hole to take it up into the attic.
 From there I was able to run it along the attic floor and take it through to the back of the house where I connected it to the copper tape run. I also had to remember to make a hole in the skirting for the wire and I attached a tiny plug and socket.

Drilling down from the attic floor was a nightmare in itself, making sure my hole came out into just the right place! I wouldn't want to do that again in a hurry....Below you can see where I had to take the wire up in the corner between the two doors on the landing... it's not ideal but even in real life this is what often had to be done if a new light or socket was needed somewhere.  It's much less noticable than this as the photo is very close up.... (need to fix that wonky picture rail - that's the trouble with taking big pictures!)

So having tackled these two lighting issues I thought I may as well carry
on and try to do the hallway table lamp too. Again lots of thinking and next post will tell you all about that one!