Sunday, November 02, 2014

Electrifying continued.....

The hallway table lamp was next in line to be electrified...again this was an afterthought and for a long time it has been stood looking pretty but unlit!

This time I routed the wire along behind the skirting board and again addded a little socket and plug.
 Once I had the wire through to the pantry, heading in the right direction for the back of the property, I drilled a hole down through a corner in the pantry floor where it wouldn't be seen underneath the tiles.

This took the wire underneath the house where I covered it with sticky back carpet to protect it and which also helps when I need to move the house around with it being 3 dimensional.
So now I have a lovely lit lamp in the hallway.

Whilst I was in the hallway I added the stringer to the side of the stairs and a few  'oak' beams.

I think the hallway is just about finished now (famous last words)

A view from the stairs through to the front room.