Sunday, November 02, 2014

Making up some kits.

To ease myself back into mini-ing again after the summer I made up a few kits that I'd bought ages ago - some from Jane Harrop, some Phoenix white metal ones and one from Elf Miniatures. The white metals ones are always abit of a headache for me as the pieces are so very tiny - however I've managed them and I'm pleased with them.

First I put together this little chair., it needs painting yet and will go in the childrens' room - a chair was my only bedside table when my brother and I were growing up so this will do the job nicely.

Next I made up a tiny stool and box to go in the kitchen. Jane's kits are lovely to do. You do need a gluing jig though to keep the parts properly aligned and square but she has some great, authentic little things.

 I thought a cardboard box would come in handy for under the sink...

And onto the Phoenix kits.....

The Ascot water heater looked difficult and that's why I've put it off for ages - all those tiny pieces! I couldn't even find it at first, that's how long it's been. Anyway it's turned out ok, though unfortunately I didn't have much space left when I came to add it to the kitchen - it's a little too near the curtains for my liking but I'm thinking that health and safety weren't as strict then as they are now!

Ever since I saw the Phoeonix coke stove/back boiler made up I knew I would like it in this house as it's identical to the one we had at home.

 I've painted it the same colour as ours was and put in a red bulb and left the ash grate door slightly open. I have memories of our cat Dinky snuggling up to sleep against it, she used to get so close that her tail singed!

The Delph cupboard I made up is amazing. It has glazed, sliding doors and a sloping front which were quite in vogue at this time. I struggled abit with it, gluing it together back to front at first (don't ask me how) but my hubby noticed it - I hate that - but I'm glad he pointed it out before I got any further on in the building of it...

I painted it blue (nothing matched in our house) and filled it with crockery.

Shelf lining. We always had shelf linings.

I love the way the doors slide and the front of the cupboard slopes.

So that's it for the kits at the moment. I have some easy chairs to do for the dining room but they'll have to wait as I need some suitable material to cover them.