Friday, February 26, 2010


The kitchen decoration is finished.....  I'm pleased with how the floor has turned out. It was so easy to lay with Richard Stacey sticky back 'Marley' tiles - just like the real thing!

The area on the left is where the pantry will be., this photo is before the hallway wall was added.

 I'm glad I decided to put in a rear window as it certainly adds extra light and it's nice to have the sink under the window as it would have been. Notice the curtains hung on a 'wire'. 

 The understairs area makes a nice pantry complete with paper lined shelves!

 I still have lots more I want to put in here, including a 'pulley' clothes airer, a small cupboard above the kitchen table and a cabinet but because the area is small I will have to be careful I don't overcrowd it too much. I'm definitely having a 'coke stove' but that should fit ok in the front, right hand corner where the sweeping brush is.