Saturday, March 06, 2010


My dining room is about complete now. All the wallpapering is finished and the flooring laid. I've put in this wooden fireplace with an overmantle which would have been popular in this type of house.  As mentioned in an earlier posting I added a french door to this room. In the photos you can see the completed room with the french door and a window alongside. Notice the view through the open doorway into the hallway beyond....

Hallway floor all done!!

These lovely miniature pieces of real oak parquet 
have given me a beautiful hallway floor...

Laid individually over a few 
days they were a joy to do whilst listening to
some of my favourite music. 
What a great way to spend some dreary 
February afternoons!

I've also added the staircarpet and now
need some wooden stair rods!

Almost finished in here 
now I think....