Monday, August 31, 2015

Window treatments!

I've begun getting to grips with the curtains for all the windows in this house. There are lots so  there has been plenty to have a go at!! Eight in total and that's not counting the french door in the dining room...
I've already shared the kitchen curtains but they're worth showing again.

The front bay window is a very large one with a good sized window sill for displaying things on. I made a wooden pelmet for it and stained it to match the rest of the woodwork in the room. The material I've used is very similar to the curtains I remember us having.

 Trying different things to display and decided on the one below with family photos reduced to miniature size.

These are the nursery curtains

Again a wooden pelmet, this time painted.

The landing window with light shining through the curtains

I need to  make the pelmet for these yet

Nearly all the curtains are prints of some kind. You will notice that nothing much matches up with each other in the rooms and this was how it was in those days - if the curtains fit the window that was good! It was a pair of curtains and that was that! If they did happen to go with the overall colour scheme it was more a matter of good luck than good judgement....
I will update this page when I've got the other curtains finished - only the bathroom, parents bedroom, dining room and childrens room to go!

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