Monday, May 12, 2014

Pudsey Fair

I went to Pudsey Fair near Leeds a few weeks ago and didn't intend buying much as I still have things which I bought the last time which I haven't done anything with yet, but you know how it is - there's always something you see....!
I have a 'running' list which I'm always adding to and loosely refer to it when I'm at a fair so I looked out for the items on there and added a few more along the you do.
Among all the other things I talked myself into getting, I was glad to be able to buy the lovely book from Dee Daw Designs chronicling the build of the Featherstone Hall Hotel Dollshouse  This dollshouse was featured as a series in the Dollshouse and Miniature Scene Magazine and now fully built, tours various dollshouse fairs throughout the uk. With lots of great, big photos showing how this beautiful property was built and information about all the tiny detailed accessories and dolls which bring it to life, I think it will prove to be quite a good resource book to add to my ever growing library - a great buy!