Sunday, March 22, 2009

New windows and doors

Earlier in my blog I mentioned that I was going to add a window to the kitchen and make a new door for the kitchen. Because this kit was designed to be flexible in it's internal layout I found that the 'back' door was in the wrong place for my era. It had been placed in the room behind the living room which I was intending to use as a dining room. (This would be more in keeping with a house of this period) So I made this door into a french door leading out into a 'side garden'....

When these houses were originally built the kitchen would have been at the back of the hallway and to one side of the property (with the dining/back room at the other side behind the living room) I therefore wanted to have a door leading out from the kitchen. This photo shows the new door.  The bathroom window is above it and the landing window to the side.

This is the new window I've put into the kitchen looking out to the back.