Thursday, October 16, 2008

The big 'Paint In'

I've spent the last couple of days with a paint brush and roller in hand! The 'dry build' has had to be taken apart in order to give the bare mdf a couple of coats of emulsion., then put back together for some adjustments for the new window and door which I want to cut out.

  As you can see the house is three dimensional which is exciting and to further increase the realistic look about it I am going to add a french door to the dining room.

This is a view of the side of the dining room with a doorway which will become a french door.

The kit doesn't include a side door into the kitchen which is disappointing, only a window so not very realistic in that respect. I'm going to make a door where the window is now and put a new window in the back wall. More about my progress with that later.

 In the meantime I am continuing to do research about the 1930s which is when houses such as these would have been built. I am waiting for two books to arrive which should help me to get the correct look for the details and decoration of that era.