Friday, October 17, 2008

You sometimes need to 'play'

Today has been a day of doing lots of looking and visualizing how things might be. A large part of a new, creative project means lots of staring, thinking and planning thus saving expensive mistakes and regrets later on.

 To the uninitiated this may seem like 'playing' and I suppose it is a little but it's also a very necessary stage of the whole process....this is when I check areas that still need painting which aren't always immediately obvious whilst the house is lying flat in pieces.
Here's a view of how the whole house looks when taped together. Exciting!

 I take measurements for the new doors and windows, calculate the area of the roof and exterior walls for purchasing the decorating materials and to generally check that I know how things will fit together before the gluing stage.

 Also been having a look at interior decoration. Here is a picture of the wallpaper and woodwork I have in mind for the nursery (just 'blu-tacked' in place). The wallpaper is a copy of an original 40s pattern which I found and printed off ....