Thursday, October 16, 2008

The right era

It's relatively simple to put a dollshouse together anyone who has basic 'know how' or has put together a shelf or bookcase from 'mfi' can do it. But what is the fascination with getting a basic kit looking like a proper miniature replica of a particular era? Lets face it most people think of dollshouses as playthings for children and to some extent they would be right in thinking that however making a a proper miniature involves much much more. Speak to any true miniaturist and they will tell you that research is just as important in getting it right as putting the house together itself. The name dollshouse is a misnomer in some respects because as the name suggests it means a house for a doll but in real terms for any adult who pursues the dollshouse hobby, the ultimate aim is to replicate a setting or scene, so authentic in detail and realism that it rises far above what is commonly thought of as a 'dollshouse'. My goal in making my miniature properties is to achieve a 'glimpse' - a 'moment in time' if you like, encapsulated within those tiny walls....I hope you enjoy travelling back with me.